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Why Choose Glory Doodles

We have been building our reputation as a trusted Bernedoodle Breeder in Texas since 2020. We take our responsibilities very seriously and strive to ensure the health, safety and well-being of all our dogs. For 8 weeks we employ BAB curriculum and strategic protocols like early neurological stimulation (EMS), early scent introduction (ESI), puppy massage, potty training, crate training, sensory training and temperament testing more to ensure that your new puppy is set up for success in their new home. 

Raised on BAB Curriculum

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We raise your puppy on BAB Curriculum. This means that your new family member will be exposed to all sensory and stress triggers: textures, smells, sounds and movement. They will be also be socialized through a strategic methods, introduced to kennel and potty training as well as basic commands. Many of our dogs are suitable to become therapy dogs, service dogs and emotional support animals. 

Good Dog Breeder


We are proud members of the Good Dog community whose standards are grounded in evidence-based research and backed by science to ensure we are using healthy breeding practices. We passed their thorough screening process and meet or exceed the Good Dog standards in order to join this wonderful community of trusted and responsible breeders.

Temperament Evaluations


We Have 8 Weeks, You Have 8 Weeks.

 During our time with your puppy we use BAB Curriculum methods and the Empowered Breeder Program which allows us to thoroughly evaluate your puppy. We give you a puppy report card when you take your puppy home at 8 weeks so you can continue to build on their strengths, help overcome their weaknesses and overall raise an empowered puppy that will thrive in their new home. 

What's Included with a Glory Doodle?

Every Glory Doodles Puppy goes home with the following:

  • 2 year health guarantee

  • Up to date vaccinations and de-wormings

  • Initial Vet Visit with Health Clearance 

  • Introduced to Potty & Kennel Training

  • Glory Doodles Bag

  • Starter Food

  • Potty Pellets

  • Heartbeat Puppy

  • Treat Pouch

  • Collapsible Water/Food Bowl

  • Puppy 101 Guidebook

  • Coupon codes for essentials

  • Puppy Bones

  • Cuddle Blanket with Littermates Scent

  • Birth Certificate

  • Temperament Evlauation

  • Exclusive access to "Glory Doodles Pack" Facebook Group so you can be in community with littermates and other Glory Doodles Families

We have had the best experience with Glory Doodles. Their dogs are the best I have ever experienced. Well behaved, easily trained, and a blessing to our family. Glory Doodles are so easy to work with and are always available to answer any questions! If looking for your next Bernedoodle you should definitely use Glory Doodles, you will love them just like we did!

Jennifer, Texas

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