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A Bit of Background

It was the Summer of 2020 when our family of five prayerfully decided to embark on the journey of dog breeding.


Through the mentorship of our cousins (who breed doodles in northern Indiana) and other dear friends who are also breeders, coupled with hours and hours of learning and research we've truly fallen in love with this as a family business.


We each contribute in different ways: Brian (the realist): training, building/engineering "all-the-things"; Alison (the dreamer): whelping, marketing; Jack (13), Braxton (11), Samuel (9) - cuddles, feeding, cleaning & poop duty :)

We brought our first two F1 Bernedoodle mamas home April 2021 and spent the next two years building our forever home and breeding program components on 3 acres in Rockwall, Texas.

We moved in on April 1, 2023 - YAY!!


Glory Doodles donates 10% of all sales to global missions and the local church 

family of husband wife and three boys standing with bernedoodle puppies
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