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High Quality Grooming Tools

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“I have never once had a vet sit down and teach me how to check for ear infections, brush my dog’s teeth or trim their nails. Neither have I had a groomer teach me how to brush and comb my dog’s hair- or any basic grooming skills (except for the times I've asked & been mentored).


As a Goldendoodle breeder I had tried to find a way to teach my clients, sending over poor-quality YouTube videos, making my own while in my kitchen, or showing them quickly as they pick up their puppies.

I was left empty handed when it came to finding at home grooming education. I hit the same wall when it came to professional tools. They were either bad quality, too expensive or tacky colors. After a solid year of researching, designing and sampling 100's and 100's of products, I am thrilled to offer the first of its kind, Pupwell.”


- Julie – Creator of PUPWELL

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Take the guess work out of your grooming game!

Get your PUPWELL Grooming Essentials Here

How to Brush Your Doodle Correctly

Dog Grooming for Dog Owners

Get your PUPWELL Grooming Tools here


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