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tri color standard bernedoodle with a sable standard bernedoodle sitting in the yard

Why Choose Glory Doodles

We have been building our reputation as a trusted Mini and Standard Bernedoodle Breeder in Texas since 2020. We take our responsibilities very seriously and strive to ensure the health, safety and well-being of all our dogs. For 8 weeks we employ BAB curriculum and strategic protocols like early neurological stimulation (EMS), early scent introduction (ESI), puppy massage, potty training, crate training, sensory training and temperament testing more to ensure that your new puppy is set up for success in their new home.

Raised on BAB Curriculum


We raise your puppy on BAB Curriculum. This means that your new family member will be exposed to all sensory and stress triggers: textures, smells, sounds and movement. They will be also be socialized through a strategic methods, introduced to kennel and potty training as well as basic commands. 

Health & Genetic Tested


Our Mamas are health and genetic tested using Embark. This allows us to breed the healthiest puppies possible. We use the testing to match our mamas with studs (who are also tested and cleared) that carry complementary genes.

Temperament Tested


During your puppy's 8 weeks with us we invest in BAB Curriculum methods and the Empowered Puppy Program which allows us to thoroughly test their temperament.  This helps the puppy transition to their new home with ease - making it memorable and not stressful!

Request More Info

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